In the Middle & High School Section, the academic education is divided into two sections: from 6th to 9th grade (Middle School) and the Diploma Program (IB) in the 10th and 11th grades (High School); the latter are two years of disciplinary deepening, designed so that students become actively aware of their role as future professionals and members of a society.

Middle & High School at the Colegio Internacional Cañaverales stands out for:

  • To develop a vision of education from the perspective that the world is a great learning context.
  • To provide a balanced curriculum of areas of knowledge including languages, humanities, sciences, technology, mathematics and arts.
  • To promote a culture of reasoning.
  • To propose a debate that addresses the factual and human sciences from an open and proactive view.
  • To encourage the deployment of self-management and research skills through different disciplinary and interdisciplinary units of inquiry.
  • To enable the discovery of the abilities, attitudes and interests of students to put them at the service of others through CAS and MINDFULNESS activities.