Within the framework of our Mission and Vision, we are a Bilingual School accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to offer the Diploma Program, which encourages academic and human excellence in its students for the construction of a better and more peaceful world. We are part of the most important network in education of high standards, included in the group of 3,090 accredited schools in 147 countries. An A Plus + ICFES category school. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification; and starting on school year 2016-2017, we began implementing French as a third language.


We are a Bilingual School (English-Spanish) with an educational project grounded on solid academic and technological foundations, oriented towards training autonomous men and women with excellent human quality, forged with the principles, values and attributes that we share with the International Baccalaureate Educational Community Profile, allowing them to face the world exercising a healthy leadership and contributing to build a more just and more peaceful society, in which the difference is respected and valued.


Positioning ourselves among the best Schools at regional and national level, and being recognized for training competent, autonomous, entrepreneurial and socially minded human beings, who excel for a high academic level and an international mindset that allows them to stand out as differentiating agents in society.


Institutional Philosophy

Belonging to the Colegio Internacional Los Cañaverales means being a member of a community of upright, reflective and critical thinking human beings who assume personal stances on various situations, with a perspective which is both local and global, promoting conscious and creative actions for the benefit of society, the environment and themselves.

Política de Calidad

“Conscientes de la responsabilidad y compromiso que implica formar seres humanos, el Colegio ha planteado la siguiente política de calidad:
“Entregar a la sociedad seres humanos formados a través de principios y valores que rigen su actuar, sensibles, responsables consigo mismo, con el medio ambiente y la sociedad, que les permita participar de manera activa en el entorno en que se desenvuelvan; con excelentes bases académicas, tecnológicas e investigativas, amplia mentalidad internacional y alta competencia bilingüe. Para ello, hemos incorporado a la institución un equipo de docentes competentes e idóneos, una estructura administrativa sólida, factores que confluyen en el desarrollo integral de nuestros estudiantes y el mejoramiento continuo en todos los procesos”

Historical Background


In its inception, the School was called “Colegio Bilingüe Los Cañaverales” and was born from the need to create a space where a group of girls and boys could continue their studies in Spanish and English upon finishing kindergarten, because in the city of Cali the demand exceeded the supply some bilingual schools had. On November the 16th of 1981, a group of Parents of the “Jack and Hill” Bilingual Kindergarten, along with Ms. Rosario Samper de González, took on the task of projecting the foundation of a school that would solve the problem of places of their sons and daughters, offering bilingual training and a good academic level, which also aimed at educating upright, humane, respectful, worthy men and women and able to face the world exercising a healthy leadership.


The Colegio Internacional los Cañaverales has a 26,000 m² campus with independent spaces for the Preschool, Primary and Middle & High School sections. A library with a complete physical and digital collection. An artistic area with plastic arts, bodily expression and music workshop. Sporting spaces for football, volleyball, basketball, gymnasium and a semi-olympic pool. A cafeteria. Nurse’s Office and EMI protected area, to cover emergencies and medical urgencies that may arise in the institution.